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The city of rensselaer presents

10,000 Stories

Tell Your Story

About the Series

Introducing 10,000 Stories, highlighting the rich history and memories that reside amongst the people of Rensselaer. Each person has a story to tell, memories they have created, and their own personal connection to this great city. Be #RensselaerStrong to be a citizen of this community and all it has to offer.  

Kelley Leonard

“My childhood friends are still close to me today; it’s hard for me to distinguish between family and friends cause where would you be without either of them. So my friends are my family.”

Pat Jackson

“This is a close knit community: you stay friends with people who you have known for years. Rensselaer is truly a family.”

Jeremy Shuhart

“I am a third generation resident of the City of Rensselaer. My grandfather built our house on Wilson Street, where he had my father and five other children. My father eventually bought the house from him and raised his own family there as well.”

Barbara Peirce Agans

“I have lived in Rensselaer for 48 years. I grew up on Fourth Street between John and Glenn and was born on Second Street. Growing up in Rensselaer, I didn’t know any different; I always had kids to play with while growing up here.”

Mary & Tom Paley

“My Father’s aspirations to become a photographer are connected to this spot where we are standing in because my father was born down the street at 1037 Broadway. He learned that with photography you could instantly freeze history, and photos could live for infinity.”

Maureen Nadacci

“This city has always come together and supported one another during hard times. We are #RensselaerStrong.”

Tony Butler

“I’ve lived in Rensselaer all my life. I was born at Brady Hospital; I grew up down the street and I married my high school sweetheart. I spent the majority of my life working at Amtrak.”

Vanessa Gerkey-Salsbury

“I did not grow up in Rensselaer; we moved here about 11 years ago. We found a house we liked, and our family grew from there. As soon as we looked at the house a few of the neighbors came out and just introduced themselves and it was welcoming right away, and we really liked that.”

Linda Remington

“There was always something to do in Rensselaer growing up.”

Sandra James

“No matter how Rensselaer changes, we still try to keep it as a family the way we knew it growing up. When something happens to one of us – it happens to all of us. We don’t sit back and watch it happen; we give back as a community because we are go-getters. We are a family.”

Ernie Mann

“I have lived here my entire life. I remember going up to the old theatre and one of my friends showed me how to stick my hand up the popcorn machine so you could get more out of it. Those were just the kinds of things you did as a kid in Rensselaer.”

10,000 Stories is an ongoing series for The City of Rensselaer.